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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

donked on the head!

Late yesterday my small person took a dive off the stool that I bought her for Christmas.

It was very sad. She has a huge bump and grazes and a black eye. 

the first thing she said to Levi as he walked in the door after work was 'mummy broke my head'


Anyway, the polar bear ears were whipped up last night as part of my 'Project dress-ups basket'. I followed a pattern from the beautiful oliver + s sewing book

Lots of love,

Bec x 


  1. Poor poppet!
    I hope she feels better soon :(
    And could the bear ears be any cuter? Umm... no!

  2. those ears are pretty much the cutest thing ever. hope little miss is feeling better x

  3. awww, don't you just hate it when they hurt themselves like that! The new ears must make it all good again i'm sure.


  4. This has been on my to make list for a while for the dress up box....


    Its so adorable xx

  5. poor poppet! at least she only said it to Levi...not to the checkout lady at the supermarket!! haha

  6. those ears are gorgeous. oh poor little kidlet :(

  7. it must have been a good fall! poor little thing and poor mum! it's so terrible when they hurt themselves.

  8. Oh no, poor little one!...even with a 'broken head' she's adorable.
    And with those cute bear ears she is even more cuter!
    Isn't it a rich feeling to have a petit person walking around?? :-)

    have a nice day!xx

  9. oh dear! You have to laugh at her interpretation of the "incident" tho, don't you!!! (I love it how it's always "mums" fault!!!)

    How cute is she in those bunny ears! (Mummy might have broken you but she sure is a clever mummy!!)

    I'm sure lots of cuddles helped.

  10. oh the poor little thing! But, those ears - just about the cutest thing I've seen all week. And your blog? Divine x

  11. Hey, no guilts for you over that face- remember Liongirls double black eyes from pulling a sheet off the washing line! And that hoody is sooo cute with the ears. And enjoying all these recent shots of your miss delicious too btw . melx

  12. Oh poor poppet :(
    Cute hat though x