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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tush tush

I ordered a custom drawing from the very talented tush tush on etsy... I can't wait to get it... That is me and my precious little at work.

Frankie comes out (officially) today, I am off to the news agency...



  1. Hiya. I just found you through Frankie and Im in love with your dresses. I am going to work out my size and see if you fit me - Im not sure if Im your biggest size, or out of your range. Fingers crossed.

    Now Im off to read all of your blog. Very cool!

  2. oh my god i love tush tush, just amazing drawings! what a fun thing to get done.

  3. Frankie is the reason i am here...i loved your dresses. Beautiful idea...may even get myself one before your get too busy!!