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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DRess Ups!! Photo Competition!! DRess giveaway!! Yeah!!


Today, my lovely model (and sister in-law-to-be) and I set up in the morning sun against the white wall in my bedroom to have a little photo shoot!! We posed in all of the new dresses I have been making, including the one of a kinds and custom orders! What fun we had! That is me, by the way, with the dark hair...

It made me think ...lets have a photo comp, for all of the lovely ladies who own my dresses!!

I want to see you, yes YOU, rocking my dresses in your own style! I will upload the pics to my blog the day after final submissions, 28th April, and the viewers can vote by leaving their comments! The winner will receive a custom made dress in their choice of fabric, made by me, sent to their door with LOVE! And, why not let the non-dress-owners get in on the action, the best comment, as chosen by moi, will also win a custom tea dress, made by me, sent to their door with love!!

What do you think!! Entries must be submitted by April 28th - that gives you PLENTY of time to send your pictures to me at naughtyshorts@y7mail.com

I have given you these photo's for a little inspiration! grab your girlfriends, a cool backdrop, maybe a bottle of champas??? Go nuts! I can't wait to see your entries!! Whoop woo!!!!

I am once again up WAY TOO LATE, time for sleep... Hope you are safe and happy, maybe dreaming sweetly? wherever you are...



  1. I need my dress before I can enter! Extend your competition lady! And start sewing!!!! xx

  2. Sadly I don't own one of the lovely creations displayed but I hope to soon! My friend refered me to your site since I'm gtting married next year and want to have a vintage theme. How lucky I can now direct my attending lady friends to your site for inspiration! I can already see my friend Rachel in the green creation and another bridesmaid Claire in the cute polka dot number. Thanks for making my bridal life easier :)