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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanks mum...

...with so many orders on the go I had to call on my mum for some help.

She packed her bags and hit the road for the 3 hour journey South, so that she could be here for the weekend to make sure that I had some food to eat, clean clothes to wear and also make sure that I didn't neglect my baby, while I sit at my sewing machine and sew and sew and sew.

I even put her to work, stamping names on swing tags and ironing endless strings of bias binding...

I love my mum.

When I am making dresses, the first thing I do is make the swing tags... I like to know who's dress belongs to whom as I am sewing. I like to imagine that I know where each dress is going, and it makes me happy, rather than sad, to be cutting up my precious fabrics.

I sent off a large number of custom dresses last week, and I am holding my breathe with excitement, waiting to hear back from hopefully very happy customers!

I also bought a new electric toothbrush today, I had forgotten how much I love brushing my teethe...

Well I am off to bed, early start in the morning.

I hope you are well and happy, wherever you are in the world!



  1. Wow Bec you are so busy! It is so exciting for you!! Yay!
    The dresses are looking divine, I love them all lined up there together, Oooh I think I see mine :)....What a wonderful Mum you have to come and help out...
    Hi to Becs' Mum and thanks for helping her make us our pretty dresses :)
    I'm working on your 'paper doll' and little dresses today ...fun fun!
    Happy sewing

  2. So exciting for you... and me as I wait for one of your dresses!
    This year I have taken up the challenge of only buying hand made clothing, and clothes from op shops.
    I was so thrilled to come across you in Frankie.
    Happy sewing

  3. I SEE MIIIINNNNEEE!!! AHHHHH!!!! im going to the post box TODAY!!!