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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Junior Re-style

I was shopping the other morning. I was on a mission to get my small person a hat so that I didn't have to drop her off at kindy without one again. It shoud have been an in-out mission, over in 10 minutes, except the shop was full of gorgeous little garments with quirk and style and exorbitant price tags. I came across a gorgeous little knit cape/poncho and I made it my plan then and there to try to make my own. 

Today at the op-shop (Australian version of a thrift store, for all my american readers...) I bought two knit jumpers. One was a ladies skivvy or turtle neck, and one was a mens jumper with a high round neck. I simply cut off the arms and body of the jumpers in a semi-circle. I sewed on a tassel trim to finish off my knit edges neatly. I also took the arm of the ens jumper and made my own turtle neck roll to make that cape more snuggly. I then made and attached the pompoms.

I even had enough knit fabric left over to make little beanies that match each cape. I will get an action shot of my small person in her cape as soon as she lets me dress her in it! currently she is running around the house in her undies as is the norm.

We are gearing up for Autumn/Winter round these parts so ponchos and leggings, capes, jackets and boots are on my mind! I love this time of year!


  1. This is amazingly awesome. i will have to make one for my niece. Great idea

  2. I love this idea! I am totally doing this when I have a little girl. :)