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Friday, December 20, 2013


Just a few detailed shots of the new "bee-keeper" dress that will soon be available online.

There have been times this year where I have felt so burnt out and exhausted that I have not been able to cope with the amount of inquiry that came my way. This means that emails have gone without reply, questions on facebook have gone unanswered and so on. This is absolutely not how I want to treat the people who support me and what I do, and who make this creative life possible for me. There have been times however when I found this unavoidable, especially as a single mumma. I just want to say thank you to everyone for your patience. For understanding that there is only one of me, Thanks for appreciating that my creations are made on our dining table and not pumped out of a factory. I am so sorry if I failed to respond to any of your emails, comments or questions.

This year I will be working on new systems to try to overcome this. I will be streamlining my blog, shop and facebook so that the answers you need will be easier to find. I will move away from custom orders so that I could make every dress as the fabric inspires me, with the details that I desire. 

So every dress will be truly one of a kind and made with love.

So that I can give each my beautiful customers the attention they deserve.

So the only dresses that leave my studio will represent how I want naughtyshorts to be seen in the world.

The new shop will be opening soon. I hope to regularly replenish my stock with beautiful one-of-a-kind garments, vintage pieces and eventually a few imported pieces and home-wares. The items I sell will represent what I love in the world. It will be eclectic and quirky with a focus on handmade.

It will evolve over 2014, I'm sure. Step by step.

You can see more pictures of the bee-keeper dress in action here



  1. I love the name for these pretty dresses! They are so lovely! Excited to take a peek at your new shop when its ready! Xx

  2. the new design is just gorgeous, i love the bias binding on the outside. it sound like you are making just the right steps toward making your business more managable - kudos to you. looking forward to seeing the new site

  3. very inspiring to read how you take on the challenges and signs of your growing business. love the new dress!

  4. Love these, could imagine them in a midi or even maxi dress, for those of us who are never going to show our knees!

  5. I hear you girl,liife can be difficult when there's only one of you when your and you have to look after family and run a small business.love your designs and ideas.keep up the great work