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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On a roll...

I had a bit of an embarrassing breakdown at the optometrists this morning... 

It all started when I picked up my new glasses last week only to realise that the prescription was not right for me, so I made a new appointment to have my eyes rechecked and get my new glasses fixed. I was in the middle of the eye test when I broke down into tears, gasping, sobbing, blubbering, red faced, snot nosed... It was horrible and exhausting and seeing as this is my third teary breakdown in as many days, it is obviously hormonal. If I ever find myself crying watching masterchef or neighbors or any other equally terrible program you can bet that its time to reach for the nurofen and the chocolate.

My day started beautifully, with an early start and a bit of a work out on the beach. Panettone  for  breakfast, op-shopping and fresh coffee. And to be honest I have actually been on a bit of a creative high for the last few weeks. I have been filling my sketchbooks with designs and ideas and most of the designs I have put into action have worked out beautifully.

I have also purchased new photo editing programs so I have been spending a bit of time trying to navigate the new software. I have so much to learn,  but I have included a  few pictures from around my house taken over the last couple of weeks. I think they look pretty good. 

How is the Christmas prep coming along? Have you found any amazing Festive D.I.Y's online?

Bec x


  1. Oh yes the monthly fun of hormones. Hope you're feeling better lovely lady.
    Your photos are beautiful. I'd forgotten the beauty of the Aussie Christmas bush, I haven't seen any around here, maybe its more coastal growing.

  2. My suggestion? Eat more panettone! My fave DIY is my advent calendar, but I've been too busy to blog about it!

  3. Oh such gorgeous photographs sweet!!!!!
    A stock up of tissues......and a HUGE amount of chocolate........perfect defence against the hormones.
    Happiness to you.love v

  4. These photos are just lovely! x

  5. Tears and funks are the go around these parts too, at the moment I guess I can blame pregnancy hormones! I hope you had a lovely optometrist person there to pass you some tissues! Naps, chocolate, ice cream and yummy drinks all help.

    Your photos are pretty, pretty, pretty. And you're right, your latest creations have been coming together so beautifully!

    I'm yet to try editing, although I'm quite keen to give it a go. I'm just so slow to getting around to purchasing programs but should download trials in the meantime. I've seen alot of sweet diy's on pinterest but haven't done much christmas decorating. I did start working on some of the tiniest white crochet bunting I ever did see though.


  6. These photos have such a magical feel to them, I love it! My favourite is the view of the lady's back through the window.

  7. Goodness, the snotty mess sounds awful. I know when I get to the point of squeezing out, or holding in, tears I am up to my neck in it. Hope you get a chance to slow down soon.

    The photos are beautiful.