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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello Beautiful Friends!

I am here! I am here!! I have had the most hectic and wonderful last few weeks. I finally debuted my little travelling caravan shop and it was a wonderful success. I was working so hard leading up to the market I have to confess that I was a little stressed out and ultimately a little bit of a nightmare to be around. I have to say a massive thank you to my lovely friends and family who helped me, and who have forgiven me for living in my own little bubble world this last month... I love you guys!

In the days after the market I had to shut down and hibernate and snap out of  hyper dress-making mode! A few days of sleeping on the couch, all day pyjamas etc, etc... Then came the post market house clean, which lead to the HUGEST garage sale in the world!!! And I have managed a little bit of creative sewing which has been so good for my soul. I am definitely cutting down on custom orders from now on to make time for creative sewing and one of a kind dresses...

Well I am glad that its over and done with and life can return back to normal, And I have lots to share including a very special D.I.Y at some point this week that I am sure you will love...

Hope you are well!!

Bec x


  1. the dresses look amazing. :) glad you got some down time.

  2. I have tried to click on your "about" in your header banner, and it does not work...nor do any of the other links in the banner. just thought you should know!

  3. I can see what a huge undertaking that was for you. Your display looked great and I would have hibernated too.


  4. You have been missed here on your beautiful little blog.
    Glad to hear the market was a big success, you deserved it with all your hard work.