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Saturday, June 8, 2013

bridal gown...

I am exhausted and nearly falling asleep watching the smurfs with my small person. Last night after I put my little to bed inspiration took hold of me and I stayed awake until 3 am sewing this dress. Maybe its because love is in the air? I'm not sure why, but I felt compelled to make something bridal... It was so nice to make something from start to finish in one sitting, listening to my favourite music, drinking wine and not worrying about the time.

I was so completely thrilled with the finished dress that I wanted to dance around in it all morning. My neighbors must think I am crazy, running around in the front yard in a wedding dress with a tripod, taking self portraits. At least Zavian thinks that it is amazing. She thinks her mummy is a princess.

I am not getting married. If I was I would try to keep my dress a secret until the special day. This dress is exactly what I would want to wear if I was getting married right now. I will sell the dress because now I have shown everyone and I am sure my taste will change before I actually do tie the knot. I will make my own dress though, when it happens.

I made this dress from a very soft old sheet with a subtle print. The bodice detail is in a thrifted lace. The wreath normally hangs above my bed, and the flower crown is actually a necklace I pinned in my hair. The bouquet is a bunch of flowers my love gave to me last week. Impromptu dress-up sessions call for a Macgyver  approach to styling. I did feel every bit the part though.

Yes, I do think I will make more...

Happy weekending.

Bec x


  1. Bec this dress is stunning.
    The bride who purchases it will be one happy lady. x

  2. Bec the dress is so beautiful. I am almost tempted to have my wedding vows blessed so I can wear such an outfit.. well done you for staying up so late xx

  3. Just Beautiful...

  4. Oh my there is little I can say other than stunning. Love, love. X

  5. That dress is just so pretty! The pattern is just amazing!


  6. oh, so pretty!! I wish I was getting married again, juts so I could buy and wear this dress!!!1 looking forward to seeing what amazing dress you come up with if and when you do get married! im sure it will be spectacular!

  7. What a lovely dress! Just gorgeous :)

  8. It's beautiful!! If you were....you're a gorgeous bride in this outfit. Lucky purchaser!

  9. Just Beautiful! You look very happy and content in these pictures! You should defo make your own wedding dress one day... My Mum made both mine and my Sister's wedding dress, makes it all the more special xxxxx Sharon x

  10. I am actually tempted to get married (first time ever!!)
    You look gorgeous....
    Emma x

  11. I love that you made the dress out of a sheet. When I was a teenager, one of my favorite overalls was made out of a pair of red corduroy drapes. My mother a very talented seamstress said I couldn't do it right because of the lay of the fabric, but I did them my way! I loved them and wore them to school all the time. Keep being creative.