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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Around here lately...

Its that time of year and once again my small person seems to continually sick. The last two weeks she has been home with me everyday, missing daycare and preventing me from getting much done. I do have the most amazing stack of dresses all ready to finish with zips and trims and I can't wait to show them off to you. Hopefully she will recover soon and I will be able to get stuck in to sewing again.

I have been on a few op-shopping adventures with a haul of about 25 new fabrics last week, and numerous parcels have also been left on my doorstep with plenty of vintage goodness within... My studio is once again overflowing with fabric and I had better get it sorted out soon or it might bury me. I think the fabric library may me long overdue for an update.

I have been trying my best to keep my baby happy and well fed. Lots of snuggle time on the couch, watching shows together like the Block and House Rules. Lots of slow cooked meals and bed socks.

I have also been making lots of THOSE healthy brownies, although this time I added a few choc chips... They are ridiculously delicious. Looking after my sick girl has not been too stressful, she has actually been an angel. I am a lucky mumma. 

I hope you are all well and happy and healthy, wherever you are in the world...

Bec xx


  1. That brownie looks quite amazing! Hope that your little gal feels better super soon - its no fun being sick!


  2. All that vintage fabric sounds bliss! Hope your little one gets better soon! :) x

  3. I'm not sure how I found you.. but since seeing that first blog (dresses made from vintage sheets).. my "little girl" wants to come out and play and wear pretty dresses!! Because of you, I'm inspired to try and learn sewing..! Thank you! (esp from my "little girl")

  4. Winter always brings colds and illness with toddlers. I've been cuddling my two for a month now with colds, asthma and croup. Wouldn't change it though being a mum to them is lovely. Kisses and cuddles makes it all worth it. I pray you're able to return to sewing soon though.

  5. 25 new fabrics in your op-shopping, gosh the op-shops near you must be amazing.

  6. its an awful time of year for sickness, hey!! and when the kiddies have to stay home from child care or school you get NOTHING done! but its also nice having them around and doing snuggly things, so I often find im torn in two between frustration and absolutely loving it! hope she gets better soon, cant wait to see all the new op shop finds xx

  7. My Little Miss used to get constant chest infections when she was 18mths. I researched alternate remedies cause they would not diagnose her with anything except bronchial asthma. I bought her a amber teething necklace for the healing properties in the amber beads and she does not get much more than a little sniffle, and if she does get a cough it is never bad and is gone after 24hrs. She is now 4yo and has not been back to the doctor with any bugs since! Hope your little ones are better, just like to share my findings whenever I can.