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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My new sofa...

A few weeks ago I found this sofa on the side of the road around the corner from a friends house. Luckily I was with my handyman and his trusty ute so we were able to pick it up immediately.

I noticed its gorgeous curvy timber arms and knew I wanted it straight away. As you can see from the 'before' picture it had been treated to a pretty ugly home-upholstery job, with a massive chipboard back, wrapped in a yucky-carpety feeling fabric and a big chunk of disintegrating foam. Urgh! Yesterday I decided to rip the back off to see if what I was left with was worth restoring, and to my delight I discovered the original timber back was still in place and intact!! I pinched some cushions from the outside chairs and immediately brought it inside. 

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed by my stuff. It is getting easier and easier for me to cull as I make the tough decisions as to whether or not I need to keep something. I have acquired so many beautiful things lately that I can let some things go.I am adding more and more to the 'garage sale' pile so stay tuned for details of when it will be held if you want to get your hands on some ex-sugar shack booty...

This little place is constantly evolving. I loved having the day bed under the map, but I figure its silly to become attached to an 'arrangement' as it can always be put back that way later, right? The more I move things around the more I learn about my style. 

Happy, happy Sunday, Beautiful people!!

Bec x


  1. There's nothing like moving a few bits of furniture or changing artwork to make the whole space feel refreashed again.
    How lucky that you were in the right place at the right time to find this lovely little lounge.

  2. My goodness, you have wonderful style and a gorgeous looking house! The new couch-what a fabularse score! I have an almost identical one!! Same arms, bit different spring arrangement. I have to cover the cushiony bits, though, they're bloody awful.

  3. I've always loved seeing any little parts of your house here. The couch is a fantastic find and you have styled it beautifully.

  4. Your sofa is fabulous - just love it! xx

  5. What a great find - I'm well jell, it's just what I'm looking for ...

  6. What a stellar find! I get a bit crazed when I see awesome furniture on the side of the road. Too bad I don't have a truck!

  7. i have a very similar couch! ur house looks like such a lovely and creative space to be in.mezz.

  8. What a great find! It look fab all dressed up with the cushions. Loving your look.

  9. it's a great sofa and l think it's a classic Eames so vintage and very well made. what a great street curb find. Enjoy it as it should last a lifetime of sitting, reading and relaxing on, a picture perfect place to ponder life and enjoy a slower pace.

  10. Just discovered your blog...what a fabulous find. It amazes me what folks will throw out, but lucky for us thrifty types. Wonderful job on the re-do.
    blessings, jill