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Thursday, April 18, 2013

D.I.Y - Gifts for baby...

Handmade gifts are the greatest! and even with the most basic sewing skills this picture book bunting is easy to make and looks damn cute.

You will need pinking shears to cut out your pages, something round to use as a template for your flags, a packet of bias binding and a couple of old picture books with pretty pictures. Of course it might be nice to find a book that has seen better days for upcycling rather than murdering a perfectly good one...

Cut out as many flags as you wish! Make your bunting as long or as short as you need. Simply fold your bias binding in half and start stitching it closed. Add your flags in one by one, sandwiching them in between the fold of your binding, spacing them evenly as you go. Leave a short length of binding at either end to tie your flags up.

These flags are not robust! They will not withstand folding or crunching. Why don't you recycle the hard cover of the book as a handy packaging device? Cute!! You could even make a matching card! Gee whiz, how good would that be! I keep a packet of blank, pre-folded cards with envelopes in my craft drawer ready to access at short notice. Just save a picture from the story book, cut it to size and stitch it on. You can see more card making inspiration HERE. Lovely. Go forth and make flags!


  1. I think I will! Ive been collecting cute old childrens books to make my little boys room lovely..and now we are moving house and i can make decorations finally! He's not had a room until now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wonderful wonderful!another great way of using all my op shopped little golden books.thnx for the inspiration.x

  3. Scuffy the tugboat was one of my favourites when I was kid

    I like what you've done with it - nice for it to have second use

  4. My son loves books, and since he is a toddler he is rough with them, so I have some that are ripped or missing pages but I hate the idea of just throwing them out. This is perfect!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Made one for a friend who is expecting! It turned out fantastic!! ♥Thanks♥

  5. These are wonderful ideas. Thanks, a niece is expecting so you can bet I'll be trying some of your ideas.

  6. Just so happens I have some older books that will work great for this.

  7. This is is such a lovely idea.......beautiful! Sharing this :) x