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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

today I made a mermaid...

Rather than push myself to work on extra items for the market, I decided to take a day off and relax. I headed to Busselton to peruse the local op-shops. I found lots of cool stuff, including this sweet round vintage print!! Then headed home with my car full of loot for an indulgent afternoon of crafty pursuits. I have had the idea for this mermaid swimming around in my mind (haha, get it?) for a while now, and I am stoked with how she turned out. She was destined for the babes Christmas stocking, but I couldn't wait so she has already been gifted! The small person has named her Sam... This is my own design. I am planning on making a few as gifts, but probably not to sell. Feel free to make your own version if you fancy :)

The facebook market is tomorrow night!! Read all the info you need to get involved here...

Bec x


  1. aw she looks fab, I especially love her red hair :)

  2. glad you took the afternoon off for some indulgent pursuits!

  3. She looks swimmingly handsome. I too was shopping for opportunities in Busso too. Picked up a very pretty tableclothx

  4. She look so beauty.. Great post.

  5. Love your mermaid & he fella, beautiful x

  6. Love your mermaid!She's just gorgeous.