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Thursday, December 13, 2012

pretty in pink...

Over the weekend my niece visited the sugar shack. We had a plan. Lots of locations had been chosen and we were going to embark on a photo taking adventure to get some pictures to show off my latest dresses. Unfortunately the weather turned and the rain came down, ruining our plans. We took this handful of pictures using the Sugar shack as our backdrop as a practise run. Obviously, as far as photography goes I still have a bit to learn. But I am still pretty happy with how these look. Love to my niece for being so helpful. Thank you pretty girl.
Bec x


  1. having a bad case of bike envy!
    (and the dress is very nice too!)

  2. What cute shots! I love the pink hue to them, very pretty with the dress.


  3. Such a wonderful showcase for this dress. I absolutely love this (pink being my favourite colour).


  4. I love this dress! Will it be available for sale?

    pretty pics too :)

  5. She looks gorgeous Bec! And i think you've got pretty good camera skills!xxx

  6. bit random, where is that bike from or what bike is it? I LOVE it! Im in the market for a new bike ;) Just discovered your blog from abeautifulmess.com! I am officially obsessed, what gorgeous dresses! Im a WA girl too ;)