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Monday, September 3, 2012

birthday tales, shop update and winner announcement

(1. Katie finishing the hems on her bridesmaids dresses)(2. The bestest birthday present)(3. The new pallet daybed)(4. My dad and the small person)(5. birthday posies)(6. Still shuffling and arranging the old sugar shack...)

I have had the honour of making the bridesmaids dresses for a dear friends wedding. On Thursday night last week she drove down to the sugar shack to spend the night with me and keep me motivated to get the last details finished on her dresses. We sat up sewing until 1am, completely exhausted but happy. Katie does not normally sew but I left the hems for her to finish as a bit of fun. I will be flying to Adelaide in the next couple of weeks for her big day. I can't wait. It will be a fabulous reunion of our old Freo crew. 

While Katie was here I made her help me grab a pallet from a building site across the road from my house. It was so big and heavy. We had a big laugh shuffling down the road with it, knocking our shins and leaving bruises on our thighs. I think it was well worth the effort.  

My dad came by with a few more of my things, including the big storage unit for my studio, which means I can finally start unpacking my fabric...... and you know what that means? The fabric update is imminent!! As soon as the fabrics are updated I will be taking the fabric selections for any outstanding orders, then I will reopen the shop with a limited number custom spots available. The shop will only be open for a week!! I will then shut up again while I jet over to Adelaide for the wedding. I have actually been sewing the whole time I have been unpacking and I haven't had a break yet. I have a number of twitter dresses that will ship tomorrow and a couple of ready to ship pieces that will be available upon re-open...

So the winner of the give-away... I decided to do a random draw which came back with #52 (Melania) who I believe is an instagram buddy of mine under the name of gentlefolk?? Happy days! Thanks so much to everyone who entered and shared and who left beautiful birthday messages. You are all amazing and I am so honoured to share this creative space with you.

Bec x


  1. Congratulations to the winner!
    Your pictures look nice, how sweet is the one
    with your dad and little one!
    And what a great project this wedding, good luck, it will be awesome!


  2. Naughty Shorts bridemaids dresses- perfection.
    Loving all the little snippets of the sugar shack.

  3. Congratulations to Melania! Love the pallet daybed idea - I need an extra room or two in my house to fit in all of the wonderful concepts I read adn see on teh internet. Too. Much. Inspiration.

  4. I'd love to spend a day snoozing on that day bed by your window. I think one near my veggie garden would be lovely for spring. Fatness like yours aremeant for lazy days, beautiful dreams and cuddles. I can just imagine how hard it would be to get work done with that day bed beckoning.. Great set up of your little nest you have a knack for making home. It's beautiful.

  5. That was meant to be day bed by the way darn iPhone auto correct.

    1. thanks so much mummafox :) had to laugh at that auto correct - hilarious...

  6. Oh darn, I didn't get to enter this lovely give away in time! But I am so happy for the winner!!! What a lovely, beautiful dress she will have. I love your beautiful dresses and your adorable new Sugar Shack!! XO Helena

  7. Oh Bec, thanks SO much! You guessed right about my IG name, gentlefolk. Thanks for the lovely congrats from others too, I feel very lucky!!


  8. life seems like it is coming together so nicely for you these days. You have your family, friends, and some beautiful bridesmaids dresses. Oh, and happy belated birthday girl!