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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I must have over indulged in the dark chocolate last night, because I hardly slept on account of a buzzing brain. I was up  at 3.37 am, an hour and a half earlier than I needed to be, partaking in a little coffee drinking and blog reading before I hit the road to Karratha to catch our 9am flight.

We are packed. We are packing light, to make room for a few new goodies I plan to bring home with me. Last minute preparations included washing dolly and uploading new tunes to the ipod.

The out-of-office response has been switched on and the car is packed. Woohoo! Of we go!

Bec x

P.s - don't forget to follow me on instagram, where I am sure I will be documenting many a thrifty find and happy moment along the way...


  1. I'd love to follow you on instagram. Are you on there as Naughty Shorts?
    Kim Uibo

  2. I know you will have a blast of a time...looking forward to seeing what goodies you find :)

  3. That little outfit you've laid out with the coat is divine! Have fun..

  4. dolly looks quite happy!
    safe trip! sue :)

  5. Have a lovely trip.

  6. I hope you have a great time Bec - even under the circumstances. Good luck with the op shopping!!

    I finally did a little post about your dress, sorry it took so long.
    Safe travels

  7. I love all your dresses and have a question for you. Do you make bias binding for your trim on necklines and armholes ....or is it a facing?
    Keep up the lovely work.
    Dorothy British Columbia Canada

  8. This just reminded me of that cute swing coat! I might download the pattern to make for a friend's daughter's birthday!

  9. Happy travels.
    I noted your blue Salt Water sandals. I did a double take because I have them too and wondered, for a split second, how you managed to get them from me. Insane what the brain does. I do love those other enclosed toe sandals too. Lovely.