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Friday, March 9, 2012

hodge podge...

1. bridesmaids dresses in the post...

2. citrus colours all in a row

3. experimenting with branding. Opinions??

4. ready to ship, size 14, $160.00 (deluxe fabric!!)
Just a teeny bit too big for me, otherwise I think I would have kept it!!

5. Instagram Shots. If you want to look me up I operate under the name of naughtyshorts! haha
6. My favourite person, wrapped up in my favourite new fabric...

7. The amazing storm from last night. This silent electrical cloud was hovering above our house for about an hour. It was amazing.

Just a few random snaps from the week so far. Hope you are ready for a restful and enjoyable weekend.

Bec x 


  1. Those dresses are insane they are awesome, I'm utterly smitten.

  2. Hello Sweets. What a little genius child you are. Splendid garms. And I have now viewed my favouritest photograph I have ever seen in my life - little miss Zav. That is a stunning shot - and her funny little outfit is bang on!- she is the coolest cat. xxx

  3. Definately citrus sensations! Love your style Miss Bec x

  4. More gorgeous creations and more totally awesome photographs. I love dress in the size 14...Is it for sale? Lucky bridesmaids they will look so fresh and beautiful wearing your dresses.