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Thursday, January 20, 2011

yummy stacks... and a few little op shop finds

Holy cow, what a week! I have had SO much attention since I listed my first tea dresses for sale on Etsy. I woke up on Tuesday to two different requests for bridesmaids dresses - 9 dresses altogether - and I can't wait to get stuck into making them.

In other news - I am branching out to sell vintage in my Etsy

I headed inland to a few tiny towns to scour the op shops and see if we could get our hands on a few treasures. We found a stunning dainty white dress. It is pristine and it wouldn't be out of place as a vintage style wedding dress - I'm thinking the bride in kill bill, in a tiny chapel in the middle of the desert, cowboy boots... you see what I'm getting at. We also found an
  apricot dressing gown with gorgeous smocking detail, the prettiest VERY synthetic 60's or 70's blossom print fabric that falls floor length. It is so glamorous, I am pretty disappointed neither fit me - WAY too small, vintage ladies were thin!! At least I know they will make some stylish lady out there verrry happy!

Well, lovely peeps, time to go put my little miss to bed. I will be at the markets in Dunsborough town centre tomorrow night, 4pm to 8pm. I would love to see you there!!

I hope you are safe and happy, wherever you are. Goodnight xo

1 comment:

  1. Love that white dress and all that vintage colour...we are holidaying down your way next week can you share some of the markets that happen around the area?