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Friday, January 14, 2011

back in the studio

I spent time last night trying to get my studio back into working order - and today, finally, I was able to get into some sewing. It is late and I have just finished, so no great photos of what I'm working on because of dodgy lighting. Tomorrow I will get that sorted.

The vintage pinnock was rescued off the side of the road near my mums house. It still works! BUt I am mainly interested in keeping it as a prop. It is one mean machine!

I have a head cold. I cant breathe and feel like shit. That said, my heart goes out to all the folk in Queensland who are experiencing something far worse than I can even imagine. There are 55 people still missing, and they fear that they may never be found. If anyone knows of a good crafty fundraiser going on please let me know too!!

A little shout out to Suzie in Brisbane, hope you are safe and dry.

There are more than 500 confirmed dead in floods in Brazil. The floods in Brisbane are massive, but we are really so lucky to live in a country that has the infrastructure to deal with this tragedy.

YUck, its so sad. I must go to bed.

Wherever you are, I hope that all of your loved ones are safe and accounted for xo

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