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Monday, February 25, 2013

Introducing frankie-sunday!

After a Friday of playing around with different collars, I have a new dress design to offer you. I am calling this the frankie-sunday dress. It features a sweet peter pan collar, a pleated waistline, full skirt and a sensibly short length. It doesn't show off quite as much leg as the sleeved summer dress. A perfect dress for any time of the year! I am looking forward to layering it with tights and boots and sweet cardigans as the weather cools down.

Talking of boots. I have had my eye on these burnt orange, suede riding boots for a couple of months. After writing my last blog post I jumped in my car and drove straight to town to try them on. I wore them all weekend with my new dress and cute little ankle socks. I'm feeling inspired to get a few outfit shots for you, as soon as I pick up my newly repaired camera (yes, its broken, again...)

So the weekend was a big mish-mash of market shopping, basket buying, garage sale-ing, breakfast eating, late-night visiting, afternoon napping, sandcastle building and house cleaning... There was a garage sale across the road from my house on Sunday morning where I found this incredible antique bed that I just couldn't leave behind and also this very lovely old sewing machine. Its in need of a service but it is so very lovely.

Late yesterday afternoon I was struck by a gnarly tummy bug, I hear there is a nasty 24 hour thing going around at the moment. So rather than feeling refreshed after an amazing weekend I am feeling sore and achy in my bones and joints. And a little weak. And a little bit sorry for myself. Boo hoo. I am definitely feeling better than I did last night, so I am sure I will be back to myself in no time.

I hope you are well and happy, wherever you are in the world. Bec x


  1. Love your new dress design Bec and aside from the ills, sounds like an awesome weekend. mel x

  2. Love your new dress Bec hope you are better ox June

  3. I always enjoy looking through your finds and pictures!
    I actually have the same make but slightly different model sewing machine!
    It's a wonderful old thing and much loved.