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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zavian hearts cupcakes!!

Today was Zavians first birthday!!!! We woke up early and excited after a half decent sleep eager to give Zavian her first birthday present.

She tore through the paper - very happy with the wrapping and not too bothered with the gift itself. 

We did have a few friends over to help us celebrate - thank you so much to you guys for making today heaps of fun...

I'm sure there is a rule out there that states don't drink and blog, but just as I am uploading some photo's to my laptop I thought that I would share a few of my favourites while the day is still fresh in my mind.

 Levi and the birthday girl

Zavian rides high on daddys shoulders :)
This is the dress I made last night especially for today. I used Anna Maria Horner's pretty as a picture dress from the handmade beginnings book - in case you were wondering.
Just being beautiful...

Well that is all from me tonight. I think I am getting my sewing mojo back so hopefully I will be able to sleep and not stay up all night thinking of things to make....


Wherever you are I hope this finds you well and happy...

xoxox Rebecca

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